The Ministry of Energy, Commerce, Industry and Tourism, has announced the Plan "Save - Upgrade for Houses". The main purpose of the Plan is the large scale Energy Upgrade of existing buildings or building units used as residences, which belong to individuals living permanently in areas under the control of the Republic of Cyprus.


The grants that will be provided to the house owners who will join the plan vary between 50% and 75%, depending on the type of the investment.


The amount of the grand that will be provided, can be up to 25,000 € for each building or 20,000 € for each building unit.


Investment Types:

A. Complete Energy Upgrade of buildings or building units used as residences, to achieve energy efficiency class at least B or energy saving at least 40% compared to total energy consumption of the house before upgrading.

B. Complete Energy Upgrade of buildings used as residences to become buildings with almost zero energy consumption.

C. Application of individual energy saving measures, in buildings or building units which are used as permanent residences of fragile or vulnerable consumers.


Upgrading the building facilities of your home, you can benefit, having in a short payback period of your money, after having achieved a significant reduction in power consumption and your operating expenses.


The eligible costs covered by A’ and B’ type of Investment Of the plan are as follows:

1. Energy audit / Technoeconomic Study / Edition EPC.

2. Thermal insulation of the building shell (columns, beams, walls, roof, roofing and other).

3. Thermal insulation of horizontal structural elements (floors in flats, overhang, rooftops, roofing) and ceilings which are part of the shell.

4. Replacement of frames (doors, windows).

5. Purchase and installation of boiler (liquid or gas) high energy efficient (or biomass boiler) for heating the place or domestic hot water production.

6. Purchase and installation of aerothermal, geothermal or hydrothermal high energy efficient pump, for the operation of central heating system and cooling the place.

7. Purchase and installation of solar water heater or replacement of solar panels and / or hot water cylinder.

8. Purchase and installation of central solar system for heating and / or cooling the place.

9. Purchase and installation of a biomass boiler for heating the place.

10. Replace light bulbs with more energy efficient bulbs (for example LED lights).

11. Purchase and installation of waste energy recovery system (for example Heat Recovery Unit).

12. Purchase and installation of a cogeneration system and high efficiency heat.

13. Purchase and installation of smart meters, which will be able to record in real time and store data related to the energy consumption of the house and any production of Renewable Energy Sources systems.

14. Purchase and install or replace external removable shading.

15. Purchase and install or replace external constant shading.

16. Replacement of autonomous conditioners units split without high energy efficiency airways.

* Notes: A. The cost (1) can be granted only if combined with at least one of the other options (2) - (14). The eligible costs covered by C’ type of Investment of the plan is only (2), (3), (4) and (7) of above.

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