The Ministry of Energy, Commerce, Industry and Tourism, has announced the Plan "Save - Upgrade for Business." The main purpose of the Plan is the energy upgrade of existing facilities, owned or used by Small and Medium Enterprises, through the implementation of energy saving measures in combination with use of Renewable Energy Sources (RES).



The grants are:

A. 50% for buildings that will be upgraded to at least energy class B in the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) or will achieve energy savings beyond 40% of the total energy consumption of the building.

B. 75% for buildings that will be upgrade in buildings with almost zero energy.


The maximum grant amount per company stands at € 200,000 and will be a priority list.


Upgrading your buildings, your company can benefit, with very short payback period since it will achieve a significant reduction in power consumption and operating expenses of the Company.


The eligible costs covered by the plan are as follows:

1. Energy audit / Techno-economic Study / Edition EPC.

2. Thermal insulation of the building shell (columns, beams, walls, roofs, roofing and other).

3. Replacing frames (doors, windows).

4. Purchase and installation of boiler (liquid or gas) high energy efficient (or biomass boiler) for heating or production of hot water for use.

5. Purchase and installation of central air conditioning system with heat pump and / or replacement of autonomous air conditioning units split type (without vents) high energy efficiency.

6. Purchase and installation of central solar system for production hot water and / or heating and / or cooling of the premises.

7. Replacing light bulbs with more energy efficient bulbs (for example LED, strip lights).

8. Purchase and installation of waste energy recovery system (for example Heat Recovery Unit).

9. Purchase and installation of energy saving systems (for example system voltage optimization - voltage optimizer).

10. Purchase and installation of building energy management system (BEMS) and / or smart meters.

11. Purchase and installation or replacement of external shading (fixed or removable).

12. Thermal insulation of hot water pipes. 

13. Purchase and installation of cogeneration system and high efficiency heat. 

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