Tips on how to save Energy and Money

Turning your home into an energy-efficient space will not only create a comfortable and healthy atmosphere but will also benefit your energy consumption and thus your wallet! 


There are many different fields, in which you can invest: air leaks and insulation, LED lights, photovoltaic systems, heat recovery units, voltage optimizers, solar energy etc. Do not let such investments scare you – over time, the savings you make from improved energy consumption will pay off. Your energy bills will be lowered forever, together with your environmental footprint!


Tips for saving energy and money at home:

- Change to LED and solar lighting and reduce from 33% up to 80% of your current light energy consumption.

- Turn electronic equipment off when you are not using them.

- Lower your hot water temperature.

- Air dry your clothes instead of using a dryer.

- Reduce your heating and cooling costs by installing a programmable thermostat.

- Install thermal aluminium profiles to keep out the sun rays in summer and bring warm rays inside in winter.

- Clean or change your AC filters regularly: Dirty filters make it harder and thus more inefficient to heat or cool.

- Install insulation and seal air leaks to reduce your energy bills up to 20% while creating a more comfortable environment at home. 

- Insulate your roof to reduce heat build-up and prevent extraction and contraction.