Save Money and Energy - Install External Insulation!

Insulation is a means of slowing down the transfer of heat by trapping air, which leads to less waste of energy. Building shell insulation is extremely energy-efficient and cost-effective.


Benefits of External Insulation:

- Save Energy: Around 40% of a building’s heat is lost through non-insulated walls. Insulating your walls will drastically reduce this amount of lost heat.

- Reduced Energy Bills: By reducing the heat that is being lost through non-insulated walls, you will lower your energy consumption both in summer and in winter, thus reducing your energy bills.

- Value over time: According to scientific studies, the insulation of a building can lead to up to 60% of reduced costs in heating and air conditioning. This means, that your investment will pay off within 4-8 years. 

- Top protection from weather conditions: Insulating your walls will protect your house from all kinds of weather conditions and make it less vulnerable to rainwater. 

- Environment-friendly: Insulation is a means of increasing the energy-efficiency of a building and reducing its energy needs without polluting the environment in any way.

- Protection from cracks and splits: By insulating your building you will also renovate the building’s external facades, repairing any cracks and splits. The insulation will also protect the building for many decades, preventing new cracks from coming up.

- Comfortable environment: The temperature in an insulated building stays more stable throughout the year. This creates a comfortable environment at your house, keeping it cool in summer and warm in winter. It also muffles any sounds coming from outside, protecting you from noise disturbances.

- Protection from Mold: An insulated building’s masonry retains high internal temperatures. Thus, in normal conditions there is no danger of steam concentration that would lead to the development of mold.


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