Heat Recovery Units

Heat Recovery is a method of keeping the air fresh while trapping the heat of a building. Heat recovery functions by warming the preheated incoming cool supply air with the outgoing exhaust air. A large percentage of the heat energy is therefore transferred to incoming supply air by the heat recovery unit. There are many benefits of Heat Recovery: it is environmental-friendly, cost-efficient, reduces your energy bills and keep your house warm and the air fresh and clean.

Heat Recovery Units

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MP3 is an established company in the field of air products, offering components for conditioning, ventilation, fire proof, filtration and acoustic.

XRC Series

XRC Series Heat Recuperator

The XRC Series of heat recuperators are fitted with a highly efficient air-air heat exchanger that makes it possible to recuperate a significant amount of the heat that can be felt in extracted air. It is therefore suitable for all types of ventilating systems for shops, offices, catering premises, bars and restaurants.

Technical data:

- Aluminium section structure, with panels internally covered by galvanized steel sheet and externally by galvanized pre-painted steel sheet. Side panels are fully removable.

- Panels insulated with glass wool (density > 90 kg/m3) at an average thickness of 16 mm for both acoustic and heat insulation.

- High efficiency, static with aluminium plate, crossed flow heat exchanger.

- Waved class G4 filtering cells in polyester fiber.

- Double inlet, centrifugal, intake and delivery fans that can be removed from either side of the unit.

- One and three-speed direct drive electrical motor.

- Terminal board onto the edge of the machine for the electrical connections and fans control.

- Stainless steel sheeting condensate collection tank with condense dumping.

- Various configurations available.

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VENTS is one of few companies that independently manufacture wide range of products for development of ventilation systems of any complexity. Dynamic development of the enterprise and never ending study of consumer demand enabled rapid international leadership in ventilation industry.



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DYNAIR®  is a brand-division of Maico Italia SpA with a consolidated experience in infrastructure and industrial ventilation in Italy, in Europe and world-wide.

REC 50-70-90

Dynair Heat Recovery

The heat recovery units of the REC series are available in 3 configurations (REC 50-70-90) according to the efficiency level of the heat recovery capacity:

REC 50 - Efficiency > 50 %

7 sizes with nominal airflow up to 4.500 m3/h.

Asynchronous single-phase electric motor, 2/3 speed.

Supplied with G4 filters.

REC 70 - Efficiency > 70 %

5 sizes with nominal airflow up to 4.700 m3/h.

Asynchronous single-phase electric motor, 2/3 speed. 

Supplied with G4 filters.

REC 90 - Efficiencyenza > 90 %

4 sizes with nominal airflow up to 2.800 m3/h.

Motore elettrico a controllo elettronico.

3 speed electronically controlled moteor.

Supplied with G4 filters.

Versions available upon request:

- Vertical version.

- Version with ED motor and electronic control LC2.

- Version with by-pass and electronic control LC2.

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