Solar Thermal Systems

Solar thermal systems can be utilized for water heating, space heating and other applications. These systems transform solar energy into heat which is then delivered by a heat carrier and can be used further in various applications. Therefore this form of energy minimizes operating costs and provides an efficient and eco-friendly way of heating up your premises.

Solar Thermal Systems


Solar - Thermal Means:

- Use of solar energy and therefore saving money.

- Satisfaction of daily energy needs, both in winter and summer.

- Adaption of a more friendly lifestyle to the environment by eliminating fossil fuels.



Regulus is a world leading company specialized in energy-saving solutions for heating, developing and exporting worldwide its own brand name products.

Solar thermal systems by Regulus operate on the principle of transforming solar energy into heat that is transferred into a heat carrier and can be further utilized. Unlike other renewable or non-renewable sources, this one can supply energy almost for free, without any further significant operating costs. While photovoltaic (PV) systems transform solar radiation directly into electricity with maximum 15% efficiency, solar thermal systems are able to utilize as much as 80% solar energy and the average annual efficiency incl. winter is usually some 50-60%.

Flat Plate Solar Collectors

Flat Plate Solar Collectors
Regulus Flat Plate Solar Collectors


Flat plate solar collectors are suitable for use in solar systems designed for DHW/pool heating and space heating support. Thanks to their simple design, their price is lower than that of evacuated-tube collectors. However, their efficiency is lower, esp. under low outdoor temperature and little sunshine.

Evacuated Tube Collectors

Evacuated Tube Collectors
Regulus Evacuated Tube Collectors


Since their absorption layer is protected with vacuum, these collectors excel in a very low heat loss and unlike flat plate solar collectors; their efficiency does not drop under low outdoor temperatures and little sunshine.

Mounting Kits

Mounting Kits
Regulus Mounting Kits


A mount and interconnection kit is needed to fix the collectors on a roof and interconnect them mutually.

Pump Stations

Pump Stations
Regulus Pump Stations


Pump stations are equipped with a solar circulation pump, thermometer, pressure gauge, solar safety valve, fill and drain valves, shut-off valve, check valve, flow-meter with flow regulation, outlet for expansion tank connection, and some even with an air separator and solar controller.

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Our strong team of expert Engineers, research and evaluate the latest technology offerings of solar products, on an on-going basis in order to offer solutions for different irradiance and climate conditions that will stand the test of time! The solar range of ARIKLIMA presents a complete and comprehensive choice of solar cutting edge technologies.

Flat Plate Solar Collector

Ariklima Flat Plate Solar Collector

Flat plate panels consist of an absorber plate in an insulated metal box. The top of the box is glass or plastic, to let the sun’s energy through, while the insulation minimizes heat loss. Lots of thin tubes carry water through the absorber plate heating it up as it passes through.

The special anodized aluminum alloy frame of this collector ensures great appearance and can withstand high pressure without leakage.

U Pipe Vacuum Tube Solar Collector

Ariklima U Pipe Vacuum Tube Solar Collector

U shaped pipe solar collector is one of the most efficient tube solar collectors. It is also designed for an exceptionally long service life time. This is guaranteed by using high quality material, such as aluminum and copper.

U Pipe Vacuum Tube Solar Collector With Reflector

Ariklima U Pipe Vacuum Tube Solar Collector With Reflector

The special, improved geometry of the reflector ensures that direct and diffused solar radiation falls on the absorber even when the angle of incidence is not ideal. This considerably improves the energy yield of the solar collector.

Heat Pipe Vacuum Tube Solar Collector

Ariklima Heat Pipe Vacuum Tube Solar Collector

The drying connection of the heat pipe inside the manifold ensures particularly high operational reliability. The Collector is made of high quality corrosion resistant materials.

Pressurized Water Tanks

Ariklima Pressurized Water Tanks

The upright tank is able to preserve the water temperature at different levels. It can heat the top level of the water instantly, therefore the special structure can prevent from mixing the cold with the hot water.

Thermosyphon Systems

Ariklima Thermosyphon Systems

The system operates according to the gravity principle and needs neither power connection nor pumps or control units, therefore it is economic. 

The ARIKLIMA Thermosyphon Systems are available with the flat plate, heat pipe and U pipe solar panels.

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